Prints Overhaul! + 13 x 19 now available


Hello all,

Great news! My original printing equipment unfortunately failed in late October, but that just gave me a great excuse to upgrade my ink system. So all prints going forward will have an even higher depth and range of color. Lightfastness and water resistance should increase too.  I'm so excited for this change and hope you all will enjoy the upgrade too!

All prints will also now come with a ~1 inch border (less with smaller 4x6 prints), with the title of art and signature handwritten in the bottom margin. I myself am privy to borderless prints, but a margin overall makes handling, framing and matting so much easier. Plus it gives some artworks a clean, semi-polaroid vibe :)

Additionally, I'm finally added in what's been asked for for years: something larger than 11x17. From now on, 13x19 is available for some artworks! I'm hoping to see how this size goes before adding an even larger size a year or so down the road. Thanks everyone who has requested this in the past.

 If you have any comments or questions feel free to comment here or email at

Thanks so much,

Geneva B

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